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Angered myself by asking where is PAPPA, since all blame, in the "new world" seems to go to the MOTHER!  Do Marty and Erin get ANY support at all, from Nathan's father or family, be it emotional or financial?  How about Leilah's father, Chris?  Does he or his family contribute any time or effort to care for HIS DAUGHTER???

Tony, I would wipe off the map, but the other two FATHERS are not child abusers, and there is family...

Alex did mess up, but she did not "get herself pregnant" unless she went to a sperm bank, and nobody told us.  I am not excusing what Alex has done...the drugs caught hold of her, and she went into a downward spiral at the expense of her children, and her parents.  HOWEVER, she is now in rehab, and God willing, it will help her.

I cannot get past the fact that NOBODY on the Show is putting Nathan's father to the wall or putting Chris to the wall.  Tony should be put through a wall, and the less he sees of any child, in my opinion, the better.

Morally and legally, this should not all be falling on Erin and Marty.  Sadly, there are situations where a mother dies, and the responsibility then falls onto the FATHER!!  Sure, Grandparents often do more, but dear GOD, do either of the men or other grandparents offer to lend a hand?

Obviously, Nathan's father didn't use protection,and THAT got this ball rolling straight from jump street.

It's a disgrace if they get a free pass, and I'd like to hear if they are involved in the lives of their children.

At this time, Erin and Marty need all of the family support they can get..WHERE THE HELL are the FATHERS and the PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS???