Replied By: youngmom22 on Feb 1, 2012, 8:28AM - In reply to nofairytale
thanks ladies. he hasn't left yet like he continues to promise he will on the 22nd i ended up calling the cops and they of course did nothing. our daughter made a comment to him that he promised hed leave if we came hom and he snapped he broke our wood stove top a plastilc bin and the kitchen chairs in a fit of rage right in front of the kids. the cops said there was nothing they could do they wouldn't make him leave. then last night we had a counselor over and he is in this rage because my  now best f riend is a male as hes isolated me from most all of my other friends and he doesn't like this ugy now because he helped us when we moved out in december. well any way he goes on this rampage of choose betweren him and the friend and i told him i was not choosing because i couldn't chose him at the time with all the anger and the issues and what not that is going on before i told him this he was irate yelling and just with his empowering way of ur gonna tell me what i want to hear before this discussion is over. i walked into the bathroom and he then punched the bathroom door opened it up and repeatidly slammed it into the wall until teh hole was clear thru the dry wall. our kids were sitting right there on the couch who screamed at him to stop and he turns to them adn tells them its moms fault which okay because im not surrendering nemore its my fault i can live with taht. But then he proceeds to tell me that if i leave his blood is on my hands and that he will go get the gun and shoot himself right then and make the kids watch. he then stayed all night got up and acted like nothing happend appologized for blowing up and sayin he needs help but i have to help him or its my fault. i just can't do this anymore but my options are limited i do work full time but i have garnishments and my checks r less than 300 every 2 weeks and thats with full time hours! i am just to my breaking point