Replied By: upsydasy on Jun 12, 2012, 8:50AM - In reply to kathleen27
I always appreciated your posts and I just wanted to reply to this particular one as a taxpayer and responsible member of society.  I live within walking distance of two major universities and so I’m surrounded by students 24/7.  What some parents don’t realize is that when they send their kids to university or out into the world they release them onto us, the innocent taxpaying bystander.  If these kids are unprepared to take responsibility for their own welfare and they’re not, then their parents’ problems become ours.  For instance, I live in a nice condo building and own my own home, which took me a long time to buy.  Now that I’m retired I want to be able to enjoy the “fruits of my labor” so to speak and relax and enjoy my retirement.   However, that’s impossible because I’m living next to these clueless and entitled kids who think that they can party and make as much noise at they want as long as THEIR PARENTS pay their rent.  Because they were never given boundaries at home, they continue their disruptive behavior when they leave their parent’s cushy house and don’t care who they inconvenience along the way.  They have no sense of responsibility or community and have absolutely no respect for authority.

If you want an example of how much trouble an entitled generation can cause, then move to Montreal this summer.  The government wants to raise tuition for post-secondary education from $2,200/year to $3,500/year over a five year period.   The government also offers Loans and Bursaries Program to individuals with insufficient financial resources to pursue their studies by providing financial assistance.  I’m sure that our American cousins would be shocked to learn that it costs that little to attend a major and well respected university here in Quebec, Canada.

Instead, my city has been plagued with student protests and riots every single day for the past 3 months.  They destroy property of hardworking people, smash their windows, block streets, prevent traffic from circulating, throw projectiles at police and disrupt our metro system so that ordinary people can’t get to or from work.  Riot police are now stationed on every street corner.  I can’t go shopping or to dinner in the downtown core in the evening (thereby contributing to society) without the risk of getting doused with pepper spray!  Welcome to my world! 

What these entitled students need is a hard core lesson in economics, but they’ll never get it if they keep boycotting their classes and prevent those who do want to learn to attend school.  You want to talk about entitlement?!  They expect their university education to be free, while the rest of us who work full-time or own homes to pay hundreds of dollars more in school taxes every year and pony up the difference.  Apparently it’s their RIGHT to hold our city hostage and prevent honest people and business owners from earning a living.
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I agree with everything you said. And this country and our out of control "pc" is ruining what was the greatest country to every exist. Now we can't even raise our own children into adulthood. Until this craziness is stopped, it's just going to get worse. It's time for people to take resposibility ,for the first time in years, for their actions and stop trying to put blame elsewhere for what you have done to yourself.