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I do not agree with what you have written...The individual on the show was a trans person...Please take some time and do some research, sit back and realy try to understand what this group of individuals goes through each and every day..Can you imagine being born in a body that does not match what you feel is right inside? True, this was not in hindsight the best decision she has made, but at the time and desperate to look like a normal woman...she took that risk...I think it is brave of her, being trans, taking that risk, and then even though she could have hid in shame...she is coming out on tv, and saying "hey, this happened to me, something has to be done about it."
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I am not saying that these people were not "stupid" to have a "back alley" surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon.  I do think it is ridiculous.  However, you can NOT deny that this population faces a GREAT DEAL of discrimination.  And let's face it, plastic surgeons are human, and often also discriminate against this population.  There are not enough plastic surgeons who understand the complex needs of this population.  

Yes, I think that these people should have gone to a board certified plastic surgeon to get this work done.  However, like they said, they want to look a certain way and most surgeons "don't understand that" and so they go to a non-physician to have dangerous plastic surgery done in order to get what they want and to be listened to!!!!! 

So the point is that this isn't always about the money.  This population faces more problems than most due to the stigma and discrimination they face.  Things that are easy for a "normal" person to do are complicated much more for transgendered people.  Board-certified plastic surgeons need to be better trained on this population - what they may see as "extreme" plastic surgery may actually very well be "normal" for a transgendered person to want. 

Now, there are some people who simply can not afford plastic surgery.  I am actually one of them - I am a heterosexual female.  However, I do not have the desperate need to change my appearance in order to be better accepted by society because I look and feel like a female.  However, if I NEEDED something desperately in order to be able to function, it would be difficult NOT to take action, in whatever way possible. 

For trans population, they have a NEED for plastic surgery to fit in better with society. Let's face it - this population does not typically "fit in" with society - and as a result they are discriminated against.  They often have more difficulty in finding jobs which results in having difficulty making a decent living, they lack health insurance, they internalize so much due to the treatment they get from society.  So yes, sometimes it is about money - but often times the lack of financial ability is caused by discrimination.