Replied By: ctirish on Jun 6, 2012, 8:09AM - In reply to usmc9705
Wow, you read a lot into her comemnts and emotions. She voiced her opinion when Dr. Phil tried to lump her in with her sisters about hating their mother. 

I do hear in your voice a lot of hurt for what you went through.  It is very hard for a child of any age who is not ready to care for children and forced into it.  You obviously still have a lot of pain and anger that you don't know how to handle.  Please see a professional and work on these feelings so you can enjoy the rest of your life.  When choosing a professional, talk to each one before choosing one to work with you. It has to be a comfortable relationship or you won't get anywhere. So many people think they have to stay with the first person they talk too, that is not true. Your future life is too important for you to continue to feel so much pain.   Please take care of yourself.