Replied By: polaris1 on Jul 21, 2011, 3:09AM - In reply to tiger7
I completely agree with these sentiments. I don't believe Alexandra has any great chance of progressing in a positive direction being in Erin's toxic presence. Erin has the children so Alexandra can't move to the other side of the world which she should do with a mother like Erin. As things are Alexandra is simply living up to what her mother thinks of her. I just wish someone could scoop Alexandra and her kids up and give her a chance to be a mother far away from her family. With compulsory detox and career counselling and education. It wouldn't be pretty in the short term but she would learn quickly. At the moment she is using such resilience simply to survive. That resilience and strength could be directed towards thriving. It is an awful catch-22 to watch. The children really do deserve better which at the moment, in terms of security, is Erin. But ultimately they deserve to be with a happy, independent, healthy mother and for Alexandra to achieve that she needs distance from Erin.