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Mood: "Gratefully Blessed"
Goal: My goal is to be pleasing to God my Father daily. In that way, I will be a positive influence throughout my life, contributing and not taking away from.The world in which we live today is so rapidly coming apart at the seams, and The Evil One has permeated every aspect of human life. I actually see the person who is possessed by evil. Not everyone, and no, I'm not with special gifts. I just realize what I see according to what God has told us in His Word, The Bible. I have everlasting salvation through Jesus Christ, so I have no fears of whatever may happen to me on this earth. I am loved by my Creator and that is satisfying for me. I wasn't always so content. Then, I wasn't walking on the path of light. My life was very hectic, to say the least. That is until the moment I asked Jesus to come back into my life and take control. I realized what I had been doing wasn't working for me, it was working against me. When I turned to Him instead of substances He lifted me up and took away the heavy baggage I was carrying around with me for years. I knew in that moment, I was just fine. Life, was worth living and partaking in again, and I have never looked back. I may continue this conversation, to share in my life experience's.
Username: ohmylife
First Name: Cindy
Gender: Female
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