Replied By: rhondareginia on May 23, 2017, 8:37AM
I have disagree about social work just ignoring what the mother had to say,because it happen to my brother-in-law not sexual but said her dad new wife fight all the time and she took butcher knife to couch ,but department human services did not come to his house,automatically ordered a visitation with supervision.

I advise my brother-in-law not ever be alone because being afraid that his daughter may excuse him of touching her and then that would cause him more trouble than he could imagine .DHS treated this like he was criminal, and didn't do the job properly,
Replied By: rhondareginia on Feb 3, 2017, 12:12PM
I am glad you discussed PTSD in a person other than military. I am not taking anything away from the military, but I don't think lay people really understood that they can have PTSD.

I been through a lot so I know first hand just FYI I loss my only sister 2003 car accident,my only child a son 25 car accident,2006 then 2012 1/4 loss my brother-in-law, June 4, my mother in law, August 11 my dad 7 weeks later my mom all 2012
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