Dr. Phil: "If there is somebody in this audience who doesn't think this is wrong, then somewhere there is a village missing its idiot."

Replied By: mamabear1491 on Apr 13, 2017, 6:49PM
Today's show brought up so much in my childhood. I was sexually assaulted when I was 8 years old and told no one. But when I was 12 my older brother, who was 12 1/2 years older,  sexually assaulted me and my twin brother told my mother. She said that I must have  "misunderstood his affection". I told her that I didn't know how that was possible.  It wasn't until the next morning while I was leaving to catch the school bus, that she looked me in the face and said I  don't believe that anything happened last night, but IF it did, then you had better not tell anyone, EVER, or you will be sorry that you were ever born. 

I spent 34 years telling myself that I was unworthy of my mother's love,  hating myself, making multiple suicide attempts, and struggling with anorexia. I never had the opportunity to confront my brother or my mother for what happened. When I was 16 my brother committed suicide, and my mother has been an alcoholic for 99% of my life, which makes her unapproachable, unavailable, unable to give me any type of remorse for her behavior. 

I was so happy to hear Dr. Phil say that this little girl is going to need very specialized care, because she could tie her self worth together with what happened to her. I was 35 years old before I trusted anyone with my secret and shame and working with an amazing therapist and doing all the hard work for the past 10 years, I have been healing decades of self abuse and in recovery from my eating disorder for 3 years. 

I will never understand how someone could say that a child that young is lying, or how a mother could choose an abuser over innocence, it seems unfathomable. I am fiercely protective of both my son and my daughter. I will never choose someone else over them, but I guess that is why I am MamaBear. 

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