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Hello, If you are being stalked and harrassed in any form whether it be real life experiences or internet Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking you should contact your local police and provide valid evidencial information, witnesses, documents to back up your aligations. After you have wrote and spoke a statement to your local non emergency police line, then they will tell you whats next. Usually they have an incident or police report number and give you available resources on who to call next. If you are in immediate life threatening nature or in an emergency situation please call 911. Take a stand and fight this. Cyber crimes often go un noticed. It shouldnt. Its time the people stop these acts of Violence. Do not allow yourself to become a Victim. Stop the Abuse today
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You have opened up like a flower blooming. That is an amazing step, the first step to allow your mind, body, and soul heal. By pouring out your issues, it shows that you have passion and Will to Change the quality of your life. That is an amazing thing to read about your struggles and you just want answers. You should feel very powerful soon. You have the strength you continously wish for, you just dont realize it. I am so sad for you, the pain you have dealt with is probably undescribable. The people whom you trusted you continously abused you. There is hope, you know that. It is hard for you probably to function most days, you carry these dreadful feelings. I would like to suggest something, When you are having flashes or them re occurring past events, try something to distract that. You see, I too suffer from PTSD. I have never been in a war in my life. Its the scariest most unfair sickness to me. Its not fair that we have to relive our pain. After years of altering medications, I tried several things on my own research and development. One thing I try is called Operation Move. This is where I turn on the Pandora App and listen to my favorite music. Music that grabs my attention, music that makes me want to get up off my rear and move. Dance. Sing. Music makes you feel good, when you get up and dance and move you start being Physical. Did you know Physical Activity triggers the good endorphins in your brain. Your brain sends "feely good" signals and your mood may change from monotone (if our moods was forms of music) to uplifting. You will find yourself smiling. Well of course this is all during the daytime flashes. At night I listen to calming music.
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     The thing that disturbs me most in society are these mothers out here having babies. They get their babies taken from them because of their drug or alcohol addictions. They refuse to give up the unhealthy addictions. They choose their addiction over their kids. This really pisses me off. Excuse my french, when venting, I seem to not recognize that a filter is needed.

     I am a mother, whom never lost her daughter to drugs or alcohol. I lost my daughter because of my abusers free handout from the parents dirty money. I was belittled, I was shamed. My own home town county basically laughed in my face and mine as well called me a liar. The abuse never happend.

     Sadly now I have a daughter, whom is not living with me or her other siblings. Who is experiencing Psychological, Emotional, and Mental abuse that got physical in September and December of 2016.

   My daughter is blind. My poor darling thinks that her fathers behavior is normal. Shes very confused and now she is pushing me away because her father bullies and harrasses her because of me. If you have a moment, please follow our family. We need justice to be served.

   The perpatrator has been victimizing women for nearly 10 yrs. He may have manipulated people 10 yrs ago and I ended up having no credibility, but today , I WILL FIGHT TIL THE DEATH OF ME. Too many Victims and now my daughter is one. Not on my watch. Im coming for her legally. VERY SOON.

My story is a Life time movie network story, its time for my happy ending now.

You can help contribute and stop child abuse today. We have a go gund me campaign set up. I will be posting alot of my own investigation, I am airing it all. Let the people decide. Please search #getmadisonhome and then a close friend has one started. Her name is Shawnna from Circleville Ohio is is all caps GET MADISON HOME. I believe it is go fund me also.

Dont campaign? You like fashion? Please look up our auctions on Ebay. In the search bar type the hashtag #getmadisonhome. We have lots of great Womens brands.

I dont understand why its so hard to be protected. I am being stalked and harrassed by this Perpatrater using fake identities and his daughters identity.

I cant stand the fact that West Virginia CPS Amy Stanley hasnt followed up nor send me mail. Like she violated my rights. Childrens hospital Violated my rights, Brooke County Police has violated my rights. Like I am going to look Vandictive because these people dont seem to care my daughter has dangerous and risky health measures. That her father is a dangerous person. I cry like what if she does the un thinkable to herself. I am sick , I need my daughter home.

If only I had someone who cared to help dig up the madness so justice is served. Like this man thinks that he is teaching my daughter better and bigger things. Hes really teaching her to be a criminal.

If you lost your kids and dont care to get them back, your drugs are more important.....I hope you weap. You need to wake up and get yo shit together. Like really, you have the WILL to change the quality of your life. Do it. Like you have kids for goodness sake.

Wow, I may have ranted a little to much. If you find this offensive, hope it pushes you to do positive things. STOP DOING DRUGS, YOU HAVE KIDS FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD. LOVE IS A BETTER HIGH!

Anyways if you can follow our family on go fund me #getmadisonhome and Shawnna did GET MADISON HOME or if you dont campaign , search our Ebay Items wkly in the search type the hashtag #getmadisonhome . Keep in mind not all the items show up. You have to manually go to my lists.

If you took the time to read this, Thanks for that. Hope you all stay blessed


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