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Ok.  This poor girl clearly knows she's in a dangerous cycle use of drug use.  Her Mohter :-| seems like a "KNOW IT ALL" but takes no responsiblity in her daughter life.  Her consistant responses to Dr Phil's questions are a quick abrupt "I know. I know."  The "good" (pffft) seems to more concerned about how the "Bad" daughter is afftecting the family immage in their community where they live.  The 'bad' daughter needs LOVING responce and acceptance than spitting venom at her sister.
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I suppose in this context, I would be consistered "mentally ill". No?  Dealt with suicidal ideation my whole life, i'm a ....or was a cu tter (I still keep a blade stashed) and am currently seeing a counselor and just recelty changed my meds and upped my dose.  It's extremely hard on my family who loves me but doesnt' know exactly how to "help" me when I most need it.  My own husband just this week showed signes of frustration at my worsening deressive, tearful episodes which brought me back to suicidal ideation.

You never know until  you are in it, living it day in and day out.  It seemed to me that hayley on a great level not believing what she says just based on her body language. I know schitzophrenic *sp?* people and she's pretty mellow.
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I done this for a log time'; that 'this isn't [your] first rodeo" but maybe you're at the poinet where you need to take a break.   Yes, the people on your show are 'troubled'; 'in crisis' and such but when YOU start swearing and asking "What the *eLL were you thinking"; I feel like I should just switch to a rerun of jerry springer! (yup MY WORDS) because as frustrating as it may be - they are in 'crisis' YOU are a "professional" and YOU set the example in problem solving - so  you think swearing at your guests it teaching them the proper &uc#in way to teach other adults progem solving when in they are in a crisis or uncontrolable situration(S)


Franny Farkle 
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WHEN IT'S CHRONIC CHEST PAIN, you play in a WHOLE different catagory.  Doctors give up, phycologist give up and just loads you up with narcotics that stop working after.  KNOW what the source of your pain by proper diagnosic from a trained medical professional; keep continuity of care so you're not constantatly explaining your situation to a new provider every appointment.

I'm not going to say what I'm going to do to get rid of or lesson my chronic chest pain.
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I so agree!!!  That show NEEDED other experts to speak for the First Nations!!
Replied By: frannyfarkle on Oct 18, 2012, 2:31PM
That was interesting comment made by Les Marsden.  Go to ANY small community and take awa 30% of it's children on a regular basis, in 10-20 years, what is left of that community?!!  I am greatly appreciative of the Lawer for the Cherokee Tribe and Les Marsden for fighting for the American Native People.  Yes, we are a people, a tribe, a family.  For far too long, the 'Non Native" peoples have tried to crush the spirit and embodiment of the First Nations of the America's.  

I don't know about the "rest of the lower 48" Tribes, but in Alaska, there has been a great uprising to renew the culture starting with the youngest ones.  In headstart, they learn the first Song in our own language, have recorded it and it now plays it on the local radio channel - one of my FAVORITE things to listen to because my grandson is a part of that recording.

Throughout the history of the First People of America have been pushed back from what was once their land, their homes where they raised their children, hunted for their food.  There's a "joke" that goes around facebook these past few months .... there are different versions but the same theme:  This Native American is dressed in his full "Regalia"  and the line says "So, the government is trying to come and take away your home, Gee, that must be hard,"  I see versions of that at least twice a week on FB and it's so relatable.

Same with our Children,  The Inidan Child Welface act is meant to preserve our people STARTING with preserving our children.  It was insulting to me as a  100% Alaska Native to hear applause as the question was asked of those two boys if they find any appeal in that part of their culture, and the boys response, 'No" drew applause from a widely WHITE audience.  I am sorry that their fathers efforts to interest those boys in parts of their Native culture and it's a shame that that particular tribe chose NOT to engage wiht those boy and teach them history that preceeds Columbus's "discovery".

What one calls "Racist" ....I call preservation of a people who have been pushed around for hundreds of years.  Genocide is indeed the appropriate term I would choose.

A Big thumgs down to Dr Phil and his staff for presenting this as a "Bad" story, when in fact, it's a wonderful story about a father being reunited with her Father.  Shame on Dr Phil.  Unless you are truly American Native or members of the First Nations, you will NEVER understand.
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Well young man, no one ever said life was going to be easy?  Or even comfortable at times.  I've watched the segment on your story and wanted to offer you enocuragement on your quest to remake yourself.  You sound like a sincere, honest young man and I"m glad that you're reaching out like you have, that takes courage,  Now take that courage and build on in, day by day, choice by choice - you CAN do it as you listen to the people who have stepped up to help you, they want what's best for you.
You can do it!
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first of all, to the creator or "thedirty" dot com;  I absolutely do not agree with the contents of your web site as described on Dr Phil today, I support your constitutional right to do it.  This is, after all, "the land of opportunity;", right to freedom of speech, right to bear arms, freedom from persecution of religion right? while I totally don't agree with ANY gossip news online or off, don't buy them, just something to glance at while in the check out line, It'S MY CHOICE to NOT visit your web site.  AND it seems from your demeanor on the show, you would respect that. You DO HAVE A RIGHT to your web site, this isn't Afganistan nor is it North Korea, we're in the LAND OF THE FREE and the HOME OF THE BRAVE, right? I'm kinda sick of people standing up and screaming at the top of their lungs, YOU HURT MY FEELINGS?!  I mean, give me a break, we're supposed to be adults, grown up enough to respect the fact that not everyone is going to agree with my opinion but I have aright to express it.
You have every right to keep your site online - if people don't like it, tell them not to go there!!  Good grief, it's a personal choice to buy garbage, NO ONE IS forced.
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JOHN does NOT get it, Sally is justified in leaving him.
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I just wanted to say that the WOMAN who was the set on fire by her husband - she's a beautiful LADY inside and out.  She's to be commended and applauded for her bravado.  My  family member suffered in a physically abusive relationship for many years until she finally broke free with her children.  Her children, still today, many many years later suffer the affects of those early years of childhood,
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