I had my biospy last week so now just waiting to hear back about results. Trying to stay calm but all I think about is the last time when I had my thyroid biospy. The doctor called me at 9 at night to tell me it was cancerous. At 9 at night! On a Friday. Not there is any good time to hear that but it was just very strange , she did prescribe me Xanax so I got that the next day and went back to work.

My sister had died of thyroid cancer in 1993 , she was only 61 and just starting over in her life. I was just getting to know her, she was 18 when I was born so we were like different generations. 

I think I've said this before but I would just like to live like a hermit in New Mexico or Arizona, somewhere in the desert so I could look for my rocks, read  and try to make sense of my life.