I do appeciate the comments that I have received and when I figure out the technical issues of how to respond I will.... don't know if it is my computer or what!  

I hope to say I found a senior apartment soon. I just want to be in a stable place again. I want to have my books and my rocks out where I can see them. I do like the idea of maybe finding roommates and having a house and land surrounding me. Maybe that will happen in the future.  Then I can think about fixing all my other issues. I know I'm strong but it's sure been a rough few months. Although I might need to find another therapist. I like the one I have but she is telling me that different things I do is inviting evil in. I was given a bottle of Holy Water and told I need to go to church. I didn't think they were supposed to do that but I don't know for sure. At least not in a public hospital. Anyone have this happen to them?

I still want to make another cross country trip while I can, I still have that longing to be out west. I have glaucoma in one eye now so trying to get get the pressure down and I just had a biopsy on my neck this week. I get so stressed thinking my thyroid cancer came back now. Take care everyone.