One good thing is when I do hear back about an apartment , my sons have said they will buy me a brand new bed! I have never had a bed that was brand new. Just a little bright spot that I am looking forward to.

Unfortunately my friend from Arizona isn't speaking to me right now, I was going to drive her back to her home in August but she wants to go back in a couple weeks and I just can't do that with everything going on here. I am in the middle of intense therapy, not sure where I will live and just can't leave with so much up in the air. I really am I guess hurt that she doesn't understand  how much depression and PTSD can affect someone. She says all I need is sunshine....I think I need a little more than sunshine at this point.

I also got a letter from Navient ,they hold my student loans, and they want $760 a month! I only get $1300 a month so yep I'll get right on that! I'm filling out papers for the income based plan so hopefully they will renew it.

I just feel like saying Come on, just give me a break here. Or I could say I've survived everything else so far and I'm still standing! Take care.