I type so much  IDK what to typeanymore  I just want to give up.  I what to come clean and I been fighting for to long.  I like to talk to someone using my word's from my mouth.  and not my word's from my typing.  I am to the point in life  where I don't even care about fighting anymore.  I am a lost God father to Fast and the furouis. I orignal name the movies series  and the quote ride or die came from me. I just want to let myself be known.  cause when Hollywood said I will not work in this town again they ment it.  17 years no work. unable to fine work  and when i do I am not pay.  Im tired of working for nothing. free labor  don't pay the bills. california  had suspended my driver license.  and I am fining it really hard to get it back. like to the point of  I what to hurt myself  because everytime i try  I am told NO.  I am lost and I have no where ease to turn. I am not looking to get yell at.  since that happen preaty much everyday.  like  everyone in my family is blaming me for being alive. IDK what to do.  Im already living forever in my volar so what to point to keep fighting for nothing. I rather talk to someone over the phone  then keep typing out  my life  for no one to listen nor care. RIP Paul william walker.
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