I have had a problem with TV addiction.  It got so bad when I was 10 years old we couldn't go anywhere on Saturday unitl noon.  That was when the cartoons got over.  It was horrible for a while that I couldn't go anywhere when certain shows where on.  It got better for a while.  To the point I had the radio on all day long but then I went back to the same addiction I started with.

Certain shows (like Dr. Phil) I want to be home for again.  I watch TV for almost all the time I am home.  I am trying to turn the TV off sometimes but it is hard.  I get withdrawles.  If you ever think you don't get withdrawals except with alcohol and drugs you are wrong.  My hand start to shake and my anxiety goes through the roof.  That is my withdrawals.

I am a christian and I am ashamed of myself to be addicted to the TV.