I am really enoying rereading the 7 keys and I think that it is rather surprising how much of it I have retained without actually realising it.  I think that it is one of the most important things to be humbled by just how much you have changed from old habits and still have the ability to retain those changes. For me I am very very good at highlighting my failures and searing them in the forfront of my memory.  I am not so good at realising the amazing things that I have done and crediting myself for these.  I am also not good at accepting positive feedack.  I am fine with negative feedback and more often than not I am alot more comfortable with recieving it opposed to positive comments. 
             This is very much the first key and the one that i struggle with.  Realising this is the easy part but I have to work on it maybe more indepth than i had originally thought.  Wow this blog is very cathardic.  Just as I sit here and type my mind is clearing and my path is becoming clearer.