Hi, I'm looking for some guidance/help. I'm 35 yr old teacher now on disability, and I would like to tell my path and journey, to maybe help and inspire people. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE $ in any way or ask for donations. I want it to be a personal life experience that people can relate to and seek help.
Dr.phil & my family has inspired me do to this. Dr.phil says " all of his guests are a teaching tool" That's what my path is now, and has been for the last 3 years. I don't have an organization or big fancy technical gadgets ( like my kids). but I HAVE A BIG HEART AND ALOT TO SAY AND GIVE. Words go along way. I know. Quickly came back from and still with ( sober 3 years now and my life is not based ALL on addiction by any means it's based on life ). Abusive alcoholic father , cocaine,alcohol,homelessness, extreme family loss, university graduate, father, teacher, husband, and Now strong, but need to share and need people to share with me on a wider scale. HELP ME HELP OTHERS. IVAN DUDRA ORILLIA, ONATRAIO CANADA. God bless. theuke80@gmail.com.
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