I need help with advice please. My 6th grader in the first month of her first year has been to the principals office twice. The first time she elbowed a fellow student coming into the main doors at school and she says she didn't realize it and the other girl went and told the principal. After reviewing the camera they said it wasn't intentional and they both apologized to each other and apprently knew each other from elmentary and never had issues with each other. My daughter says she didn't know she hit anyone until they called her down to the office. She failed to tell me of this incident and she lost her phone privilages for 2 weeks. Now today apparently a girl came up and I guess hit my daughter's friend so my daughter took it upon herself to hit the girl back to protect her friend, then I guess the girl decided to take a pencil, in retatiation, stabbed my daughter and her friend in the arm and leg. My husband is livid and ready to throw the book at our daughter. He blames me saying I'm too soft and that's the reason we are having these issues with our daughter and won't speak to me. I don't think we should be that harsh due to her protecting her friend but don't like she has been to the office twice in a months time. Any suggestions on what I should do please.
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