Adrienne Lynn · 4 hrs · this is just something i threw together just now.

dear methamphetamines,
i've had enough of this torture, this cruel turn you've taken on my life.
not that you took me, you took who i loved the most, who i needed the most and when i needed her the most.
so tell me, is it fun to ruin others lives? and watch kids suffer from their parents turning into strangers?
tell me, are you happy with what you have made my life?
are you happy with this hurt and pain you've caused me and my family.
because of you, methamphetamines, my little brother is growing up with no parents.

because of you, im lost with words and the strength to keep trying to get my mommy back.
because of you, my sister is in pain as well as i am, but she wont show it. she's hurting and i know it
but i dont know what i can do.
you ruined everything, and i hate you.
i tell my mommy how i feel, but you have her
captured so to her, im crazy.
i want her back, and you don't deserve her.
you took her job, her car, her beauty, her kids, and most importantly, her happiness.
you took away that beautiful smile my mommy had.
you took away that glow in her eyes and her drive to make her kids happy. you took her pretty long curly hair that i used to love.
you took my mommy's life and you took away mine too. without my mommy, im just as lifeless as her.
my mommy used to be my best friend, remember methamphetamines?
then you came along and now im stuck with this stranger that its hard to call mom anymore.
you changed her. you changed her looks, her personality, her style, you took everything.
you took away everything that made my mommy happy, you took away her which was one thing that made me very happy.
so thanks methamphetamines... thank you so much for destroying my mommys life and mine. i just have a couple of questions..

when can she come back? when can she go back to her job and get her life back. when can she get her all of her kids back and maybe even my daddy.
maybe if it wasnt for you, my family would still be together and maybe, just maybe, i would still be a happy kid. but because of you, i know too much, ive seen too much.
i fucking hate you methamphetamines, and i will never touch you.
after what you have done to my life, i hope you feel better. because i know i miss my family, i miss my mommy coming home from work every night and sharing her ben and jerry's ice cream with me.
i miss my mommy, but the woman that stands before me is nothing but a person i barely know.

when i look at her in her eyes, i see her pain, and my heart breaks into tiny pieces. when we are in the car, just me and her, singing fergie and taylor swift, she comes back to me for a second.
but you have her mind captured and i will never ever forgive you, methamphetamines.

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