I guess it pays to wait. I THOUGHT I was getting the book for $11.14, BUT I had Amazon credits worth $10 (that I didn't know about). So I paid $1.14 for the best darn e-book I have found! I am going to get it in hard copy and carry it everywhere!

I have been in talk therapy for 45+ years and medicated for the same. NO therapist ever asked me any of this. I blame that on "state funded insurance". Altho I am thankful for my insurance, don't get me wrong, but those therapist deal with SO many patients; I imagine it would be hard to individualize therapy. "Just keep them from killing themselves and move on" seems to be the norm.

I have been, what I call, "clear" for almost 5 years. No meds, no talk therapy. And I am miserable. So since I love Phil, I thought I'd give him a try. Frankly, I wanted to earlier but couldn't afford the book!! So, off we go!
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