I hate I went to College in debt with loans 
Growing up people tell you going to college is the best thing to do in order to make a living and have a family. Wrong I went to college  in 2003 and I received my bachelors degree in Social Work May 2007. The recession hit in 2007 when  I graduated from college and it was extremely difficult for me to find a job. I eventually found a job working at a non profit organization and I got paid very little.  While I was working at the job they wanted   me go back to school to get my masters degree .  As a single adult living on a small  income with other expenses it  was extremely difficult for me to go back to school because I had to cut back on my work hours to complete my internships/classes  and that  put a big financial  strain on me.  My job requires me to drive a great deal with limited travel reimbursement for my mileage they did not match the state standards . I live in a small town and in order to complete my internship, I had to drive over a hour and half  three days a week, that will resulted in three hours of driving time a day which increase in my overall gas expenses.  In addition to that, I have to drive to different conferences and seminars mandatory by my employer. Struggling to pay a mortgage while in school , I was denied a temp loan modification while in school to lower my mortgage and onto of that my mortgage was sold three times and my got increased. No bank would loan me any money or refinance my house because my debt to income ratio of having a house and student loans shot that out the window, along with that dropping my credit school tremendously . Still to this day my decision to go back  to school and purchase and home was the worst decision I ever made in life! I look good on paper because I have 2 degrees and a house but I am extremely poop and credit is back and I'm stuck. 
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