Well I am almost 48. I was diagnosed in 2014 with Multiple Sclerosi. I live in daily pain and the fear of the unknown surprises that MS has. My father also had MS and passed away a year ago January,I miss him so much. We watched him suffer for years. He was young at 69 he had already been in a nursing home for a couple years due to his level of care that he needed. I often sit and literally scare myself because I saw what my father endured with his menta,emotional and physical issue. We would go as often as every weekend ( I live 100 miles away from my parents house and my dads nursing home was 2 hours from their house) but every time we had to leave I watched my father cry because he so wanted to be home. My mom tried to get help in taking care of my father but it got to the point he had no use of his legs. It killed me seeing my father like this. I guess I just needed to get this out because I do feel a bit better. But what really hurts is when people stare at me because I'm in an amigo or somet my right foot drags. i am blessed that I don't have anything more serious than Multiple Sclerosi. Please believe me when I say this I do know that I could be so much worse off. 
"Feeling hopeful"
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