Determined to make it right
Replied By: spiritual7365 on May 3, 2017, 2:12PM
Hi and Welcome to the Community.  I am not aware of the whole story of the why, where and when things went wrong with you and your family. In any relationship there can be mistrust and anger which makes it hard to be forgiven, but I do believe that understanding and peaceful outcomes are possible and also can happen. Dr. Phil,   believes that when there is hurt and anger against another that the only way for the relationsip to be restored if that the person that is remorseful,  & shows it by more than words. He says that the person has to become transparent and open as long as it takes and "Until" The until can only be seen when the person in the wrong shows that they are completely understanding of what they have done and they show that they truly get it. This takes empathy and all the "I'm sorries in the world", won't mean much until this Validation is felt by the injured.

I don't know the ages of the children but you must ensure that they (if of a age for understanding)  that they see for a solid fact that you know of ther pain. So you must convey this to them many times. Only then do you have a chance to fix this. Just going over the issues with a Defence and excuses will not help.

Best of luck and if you want to discusse this as it progresses, feel free to contact me and/or friend me. I want to help you. Blessings, Spiritual
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