What should the first sentence of the letter o writeu kids rbrn begin to open this chapter? O was pregnant with my youngest daughter the last time I saw my babies in person. I mean do I say hi this is your mom I want to apologize and let you know I  am so ready to answer any questions you may have. But I need you to know nothing was your fault I always loved you, i age some awful choices and I hurt family, the ones who meant everything to.me, I will forever be so terribly deeply truly sorry for breakingy solemn promise to both of you. You have felt pain o never wanted my kids to ever feel.   I want to reach and let you both know if only that you want to, o am here to answer Amy questions and take full responsibility for terrible choices. I am not at snu point trying to disrupt your lives just want you to know, if and when you are ever waning to talk I'm here been trying to be here and if you choose not to I completely understand I am so not deserving, but pray one day I can answer any questions

Will they give me the chance if have their minds already been made up?....
Determined to make it right
I'm ready to be able to answer tou kids who I have not seen in a long time. Why can't I just be able to tell them I'm sorry I messed up it wasn't their fault. I just need them to know I have always loved them never stopped as and want to do whatever I can to make it right. But their dad and step mother are blocking anything from being accomplished.
So I could use as much advice as possible. I am not sure how to begin to write to my kids. How should I start. Don't want to get to heavy too quickly. Suggestions?
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