Dr. Phil: "Give you a break? Hell, we need to give you a shovel you're digging a hole up here so fast."
"Busy with my brand new baby boy. Completely head over heels in love with him."

To develop a routine with changing diapers and feeding! The life of a new Mom. :)
"Busy with my brand new baby boy. Completely head over heels in love with him."
"Anxious for my baby delivery, only a few more days!"
To find a decent job in this economy!
I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who come on this message board and send your good and bad opinion. I do read all of them and take everything into consideration. I appreciate all of your opinions. However, I do want to address ONE very important topic. A few of you have written to me on this message board saying I should give my child up for adoption for various reason which you deem to be adequate. I just want to say, that I am KEEPING the baby! Auden will not be up for adoption nor will he be living with anyone else besides Angel and I. I am truly sorry for all of you out there who feel that strongly to address such an issue with me. What I will say, is Auden will have more than a blessed family he will be loved unconditionally. Not to mention, he has a mother with a Master's degree, a mother who has never tried or used any type of drugs and a mother who has the world to offer her son. In addition, a father who has a full-time career, works hard every single day and provides for his family and soon-to-be son and gives me full support. End of story!
Since the last episode Angel and I have moved out to our own place and have been building our future ever since. We are now engaged looking forward to a wedding in the near future. Hopefully by the end of this year or early next year. Auden is due in the beginning of March. :) My mom and I have been working hard every day on our relationship. Although it may not be perfect to date, we have made some serious progress. I hope you all are enjoying the series and I look forward to hearing from all of you! If you haven't already, please find me on Facebook under "Rachael Housewife" which I may respond to your posts much quicker.
Bless you all and have a wonderful weekend! XoXo

To let go of the small things
"Preparing for the New Year getting everything ready for little Auden's arrival! Happy New Year to all of you!"
"In love"
I just wanted to wish you all a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends! I hope you all enjoy yourselves. I will be eating lots of turkey and potatoes to feed my baby and I! Since I've been pregnant I am always craving potatoes, so this is the day I've been waiting for!  :) See you all next week for the continued episode of our sleepover in the Dr. Phil House. I absolutely LOVED the cooking challenge and I can't wait for you all to see the results, you will be surprised!
PS. The burning sage did have a great smell in the our room, however, for me, I would prefer a Yankee candle. :)

*If you haven't checked it out already, you can find me on Facebook under "Rachael Housewife"

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