I have been in or surrounded by domestic violence my whole like.  I am 53 years old, the mother of 4 children and my youngest is 9 years old.  Her Dad has beaten me on several occasssions, went to jail got out and it only got worse.  We lost our home and got stuck in a hotel room where he attacked me, choming me and when my daughter tried to help me, he backhanded her giving her a blackeye and in addition he roke my arm.  I tried everything, callled the domestic hotline, counseling, restraining orders, the Sheriff's Department tip-line 3 times, Los Banos Police Department, Probation Depart,ment nd the loval Vallley Crisis Center who forgot to pick up  my child and myself 2 times in a row.  He stole my car 4 times, I mreporte3d it nd nothing was done  and last week he suddenly dropped dead  for reasons unknown at his Mother's house.  I spent 11 years of life with this man and now all we hve left is a few of his clothes.  He stole everything we had and gave it to hius mother, down  to my car disabling me from being an effective Mother!  They wouldn't even let myself OR MY CHILD, HIS DAUGHTER ATTENED THE FUNERAL  i am receiving death threats, someone broke into my home and stole every penny my Dugter and I had and NO BODY CARES ANYMORE!
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