I can speak for myself in this issue and that is to say this. If I suspected anything like this was happening I would go to the authorities until something was done. I can not understand how these things keep happening. I see posts of complaints as to what DR Phill didn't ask or why three years yet I am not seeing people on here explaining what they are going to do from now on if they see or hear abuse. I am a mouthy person and If I see someone in a store or playground doing any kind of abuse I go to the people in charge of these kids and I do whatever in my power to find out who they are and stop them from abusing these kids and even animals. I will not sit back and allow it to continue and I have seen people just walk on by. There was an instance I came across in my neighborhood years ago I heard screams, crying and I heard what sounded like chains dragging across the floor. I was only 11 at the time. I told my mother and I told my sibling. I knew I wasn't old enough at the time to do anything and unfortunately, they laughed at me thinking I was joking. One day my sister heard the noise because at least she did listen to me. Later found out the girl in the chains was a mentally challenged child and for her protection, she had to be kept restrained is what we were told. So now what would you actually do in this situation? Walk away say nothing is wrong. Allow whatever is going on to continue? It is so sad to say but so many would be happy with the explzinztion and three years later find out the little girl needed our help.
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