I find I have to choose between my beautiful daughter or my handsome son due to his dual diagnosis. Erik has struggled with schizophrenia for over 10 years and my daughter loathes him. Ingrid is the author of Valkaryie Rising, a girl power story and has a working relationship with her father who emotionally abandoned and abused them growing up. He was a psychiatrist and now has parkinson's. EX has a torrid history but she purchased him a home to live in and is helping financially.

Regarding her brother she despises him and is argumentative with me over Erik. she belieives he should be on the streets and out of our lives. Currently in secret I have him in my one bedroom apt on a blow up mattress. He is trying to quit but has a lot of issues:) My dear stylist Tina has heard it all from both sides and said write Dr Phil, he'll know what to do.

I am no longer talking to my daughter. I am in so much pain over my son and the broken family that has been created replicating family history of past generations. Please pray for me Sincerely Kate
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