My name is Chakierra Reeves, born and raised in Jacksonville fl. I became a stud (dressing like a boy) when my daughter was girst born. Shes 6 now and throughout her years growing up she would wonder why her mom wasnt pretty like other moms, why do her mom dress like a boy. I would try to explain to her that everybody is different and i just didn't like tight clothes, but in actuality i was gay and a great mom but ive broke down and talk to god after she would get mad with other kids for saying her mom looks like a boy. Although i know my daughter loves me dearly there was still a want an need that she need from me. After crying it all out ive gotten myself a makeover, left my life style in the past. Its been one week and im officially a WHOLE mom. My pictures have been all over social media and so many great reactions to the change because i am amazingly beautiful both ways, and mostly for the reason i did it. #Sacrafice
Plz contact me i would love to inspire more ppl then i already have! Thanks in advance
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