Here I am!! Writing from my new home in Buenos Aires!!
Dr. Phil: "I don't care how flat you make a pancake; it's got two sides."
Dr Phil Housewives
To continue my journey into self awareness and self love!! It's not a difficult journey once the tools needed are learned!! XOXO
Not a goal, just a statement. I obviously didn't LITERALLY spend 8 years IN BED!! It just became my "safe place" where I spent the majority of my time when I wasn't up and about. Some weeks were worse than others. It's when several MAJOR events happened almost 5 years ago which really started my downward spiral... The past 3 years have been THE WORST for me as far as time spent in my bed isolating myself... Bless you all, and thank you so much for your compassion and support!! xoxo
To remind myself that the most self-absorbed & contemptuous people in the world need the most sympathy & compassion... There is ALWAYS a reason & some pain behind their arrogant facade... XOXO
Spoiled?  Perhaps.  Lazy?  NO!!  Life circumstances, major hormonal imbalances, undiagnosed hypothyroidism and an overly anxious brain helped create one miserable lady!! 

I just wish all the high school drama at the HOUSEWIVES round-table would stop already so we can deal with the real issues!! I did NOT expect such chaos and disrespect at the round-table. I was very close to walking out right behind Michelle.  It certainly did NOT feel like a safe and dignified environment to open up to and share my issues... 

Will I be judged harshly then beat down by arrogant, rude, crass, insensitive, jealous bi*ches too?  Good Lord!!  What did I get myself into?  I just want help.  Seems a couple of others are here just to be on TV.  Is this a huge mistake for me??

Will I gain anything from this experience? 

I'll wait until the next show to voice my first impressions of the other 5 *housewives*...

Bless you all!!

Dr. Phil: "Let me tell you something; this ain't my first rodeo."
To continue making strides in my amazing journey on loving myself unconditionally, being my best friend - not my worst enemy, truly appreciating my wonderful family and to not miss another valuable minute of their lives!!
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