With the arrival of Paul just around the corner, I begin to visualize all my hopes and dreams for him. I imagine him learning to crawl, then walk, beginning to read, starting school and learning how to drive. I picture him doing all of these things perfectly without any hardships. The thought of my son having to struggle terrifies me. Reality is that there will be many difficult moments throughout his life that I simply cannot protect him from.

I do know that through encouragement and proper parenting, he will learn how to overcome obstacles that life will throw at him along his journey. I know that I can't prepare him for everything, or just hand him some instruction manual for life. I can, however, continue to pray and hope he will learn to make the right choices.

I see my son doing wonderful things with his life. God has a plan for Paul, and his father and I are excited to see what that plan holds. Whatever Paul chooses in life, his father and I will always be his number one supporters and cheerleaders.

I didn't think it was possible to have such an astronomical amount of love for someone I haven't even had the pleasure of meeting yet. This is what the beginning of motherhood must feel like. I can't wait to see what is next.
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