My boyfriends hobby and passion is cars. I don't care too much about cars, but I have never thought that it's a problem when couples have diffrent hubby's and so on. Unless u make it a problem.

I feel like my boyfriend has..

All he talkes about when we are with his friends are cars for real. When he talkes about the future he talkes about the cars he wants to build, buy and drift with. All the vacations he cares about has car stuff involved.

When I think about the future I think about getting a place to live so we can be a family. Getting a good steady job, have money saved up and stuff like that.

It's like we are one diffrent levels. He needs to be moore realistic and grow up. Yes it's good to have dreams and all but first you need a place to live and all off that.

I feel like such a bitch, and I don't want him to think I don't support him all off that.

Our values and opinions aren't always that close our hobby's isn't the same. We are so diffrent. 

But maby we are Ying and Yang
I'm the kind off person who thinks, everyone is beatiful, smart, kind and all off those good things. 

When I see a fly, spider ore other animals, I let them out I don't have the heart to hurt them.

Everyone is perfect!

But then, there is myself... where to start. I think I'm stupid, fat, ugly, selfish, worthless... when I see myself in the mirror I wanna cry and break the mirror. I wanna end it all... The world would be better off without me. I hurt myself to distract myself from my mental problems and sometimes just because I think I deserve it!

I have been true so much, I don't know why, but I'm still her. But I'm not going strong.

I hate myself, everything about me and my looks.

Where do the abuse line go? 

Am I just to sensitive?

A love one has called me every bad and mean word I know... The anger in the eyes are scary! Sometimes blames the anger on just being tired, it's normal, I'm to sensitive... throwing stuff around, being rude and mean for small things... throwing phone, furniture, everything... 

It's just words,"you know I don't meen the stuff I say when I'm angry" " I don't wanna apologize for every small bad word" "you cry for everything"

Whore, stupid, idiot, I hate you, never loved you, I just feel bad for you, can't, selfish, what's wrong with you, bitch, get out, I always wanted to leave you, and so much moore....

I cry everytime the yelling and name calling start. All the tears. No comfort... I cry for the smallest thing.

Love is so difficult
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