I am 37 years old and a transplant to Austin, Texas. I work part time at Walmart now. But back when I was 20 y/o, I went out to get an order of pizza for some friends and my life changed. I made a left hand turn at a stop sign, where I fully stopped then proceeded. I pulled out in front of a big F250 air conditioning truck going 50 mph. I suffered brain damage from the side to side impact of my skull, brain riccocheting against the C beam of my 1999 VW Jetta. I spent 4 months, 10 days in three hospitals in Sacramento, Ca. God has given me a full recovery of my personality that existed before I was hurt. 

I was a patient at a brain injury facility in Dripping Springs, Texas and a big part of my healing was restored. My brain fully regenerated to how I was before I was hurt. I have a lot of scars and still have titanium posts in my pelvis, which was fractured by my seatbelt. A part of my testimony is that waking up from my coma I remembered my AOL password that I've had for 9 months but I totally forgot kissing a boyfriend 5 months before I was hurt. The only other memory i forgot was my ATM PIN #. 
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