Now he is Dr. Phil, excused the mom well basically making her leaving the stage and is excusing the daughters that have been a problem more than likely for a long time in the life of the mom. Who knows, but the daughters probably had something to do with it the disfunction in the family dynamics,  and...........why don't they get their own place to live????? Do they have their own place? Probably not,,,,,,, s? o must not have been that bad when they were young...Haven't heard about the abuse when they were young.
So there are two daughters that are gaining up on their mom what really gets me about the whole thing is why aren't they on their own? So, one of them has a chilld from what can be heard on the show and she looks to be over 18 and she is complaining? REALLY? The other one looks as if she is of age to move somewhere. The mom maybe isn't presenting hersellf to be prefect but hey Daughters! go get a job and a place to live and leave your mom alone!  Whine Whine whine ..... oh boo hoo  They need to get a life oh really dr. phil they need to grow up and go on and take care of them selves and leave that woman alone. nah they are selfish kids and yah she may have hit htem who knows but they need to get up and move their asses and move out.... oh geesh would say another word you are blaming her the mother? And they are still there living off her probably she is feeding them, supporting them and they are old enough to get out on their own. This segemennt just  pissed me off cause I am sure they played or had a much part of what the problem was and is.
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