I have been off the grid for almost 3 months! I have been blessed that my daughter is helping me and we are looking to buy a home together!

My MS has taken over some days seem worse than others! I am a emotional eater and I get nothing from it but weight gain! I have lost my 20/20 tablet in my move so when I can afford a new one maybe I will be able to get started! I so wish that I would make myself a priority and if I could get some weight off maybe I would not hurt so bad!

Why is it you know what you have to do but fail when you are by yourself? I need a trainer and an emotional support that makes me want to help myself...Sorry that I am complaining about my struggles but if I can get the aggravation out maybe I could convince myself I am worth it!
Well..So many changes in my life and I can not believe what it feels like to feel so overwhelmed!

I am truly trying to watch what I eat, but I am living with my daughter while I look for new home, the move has left me ill and worn out! I wish to feel better and that my fairy Godmother could help mr look and feel better for the holidays!

I try to put make up on and smile and try to do something everyday, I wish that I could have someone to help me with exercise to help me get stronger, I am truly trying!

I will be checking in after I find a new home and I can get started with the 20/20 plan again!! Thank you for evertyones support!! Holly
Well my weigh in was not very good~ I am at 216, I lost 2 pounds this month but physically it is the worse month yet! I hurt my back and I have been struggling walking to the bathroom let alone trying to get physical the way I am suppose to! I will be moving next month so I am being careful with my back but I do not want this as an excuse! I am worth this diet and I need to keep pushing! I do not think I would have hurt my back if I would have been in better shape, I need some core exercises the Doctor says as I can barley get out off the bed!! AAAGGHHH! If you can think of good exercises I am open for any input!!

I will be checking back in in a couple of weeks my goal is to lose 8lbs in September! Thanks for reading my blog I would love to hear your story!
Well I just finished my 2nd go around with the first 5 says on the 20/20 plan!! I was not able to exercise the way I needed to and I am very swollen from the Prednisone! I still lost another 4 pounds and I am down to 218 pounds so I have lost a total of 14 lbs.! I am a little frustrated and my primary doctor said it was normal, but My arms are measuring a little larger than they did 5 days ago! I hate my arms, they are my weight holders, they are so big, but of course they say the steroids can make you swell up! I sure am hoping that the weather cools soon...LOL I guess that will be Halloween so I can exercise more! My MS has really kicked my butt!

I am not going to use it as an excuse, but I am reminded everyday that that my life revolves around a chronic illness! I am going to keep up with the diet especially the 20/20 foods..easy to make, follow and I truly love the hardboiled egg on crackers for meals and of course I love the apple with yogurt and cinnamon for breakfast it keeps me full..I do add a few drops more of the lemon juices, I think it helps with the hunger! I do try to get to the pool but the temp is almost 100 in the water and that is to hot for my body, but what do I expect the morning lows are in the upper 90's right now and I really am afraid to go to the gym alone, balance issues makes me fearful to go alone! So I turn on music and try to dance for 20-30 minutes everyday!

I hope you all are doing good on your diets...Let me know you all inspire me when I hear from you! Thank you all! Holly
What an amazing month of discovery! How I looked at food as a way to soothe my pain and emotional troubles and "catching" my mistakes! I have lost 10lbs, (I will share all the totals at the bottom of this post) of course I was hoping for more, but even if I lose 10lbs each moth I will reach my goal in 1 year! So I am staying positive!

But a look at the diet plan and the food, the book and how if you follow this step by step...YOU CAN NOT FAIL!! Even with my physical problems, and taking steroids for disease control, I lost weight! But what I truly find amazing is my heart rate, my blood pressure, and my stomach, I do not have as much gas and very little heartburn, which I suffered from both before the diet! The original 20/20 foods really are good solid staples that when you follow the recipes, they are good!

 As I got through phase 1 and followed through with phase 2, the food was a little time consuming to make, but once I got use to this way of cooking it became easier! Phase 3 the food is really good and at this phase I truly believe that your family can join in with these meals so you are not having to cook extra meals!! I know before my kids moved out of the house that was always an excuse I had, I have to cook separate for my family, with this diet, that excuse is gone! My grandkids even like some of the snack options, the best PB&P, peanut butter on rye crackers sprinkle with cinnamon, I top mine with plums and cinnamon as in the book I top the grandkids with raisins!! Just totally thrilled!

I will be continuing this plan and hope that I will be able to share this with as many people as possible! Thank you                     


WEIGHT- 232                                                    1 month 222        Lost 10 lbs.

                                           43"                          -7 "

 LOWER ABS 49"                                             45"                           -4"
HIPS             49"                                                46"                           -3"
 ARMS        L 18"    R 19 1/2"                       L-16 3/4" R 17"          -1 1/2"

THIGHS     L 27"    R 26"                 L- 26"           R-25"                       L 24 1/2"  R 24"

YOU CAN LOOK AT PREVIOUS BLOGS FOR MEASUREMENT IN BETWEEN! And please remember exercise has been difficult due to my MS and I am still losing, imagine what the totals would be if I could some aerobic!!
I Usually only write about my 20/20 diet plan but to know about other things going on in my life with health, I know I need to acknowledge what is truly going on to face the truth!

 We have had extreme heat in AZ this year and I had mentioned this before, but in years passed it would be easier to recover, when I would walked into a cool place after an hour or so I would feel better! This year that seems to have all changed, and I guess I knew that, when my last appointment with my neurologist he told me he felt that my MS had moved to secondary progressive and that I might not heal that I may get worse!

 The medication I was on for relapsing MS seemed to be making me sick I was on Plegridy for 7 months and the switch to Aubagio an oral medication, because the injections were making me sick and I had never had that problem in over 20 years! I then suffered numerous pneumonia, and lung infections along with skin and bladder issues. After discussing this with my Neurologist, that I felt the meds were not working any more and that they seemed to be making me sicker...I was spending 10-15 days in bed!

I took myself off the meds and decided to get healthy I tried numerous diets but non seemed to work every time I was not well I would be put on prednisone and I would swell up and felt like I was starving all the time.

This month I have been so proud of myself for going off my meds and trying to go natural vitamins, essential oils and different foods. But here I am getting ready to do my one month weigh in and I am in a relapse and not wanting to go to the doctor...I know I need prednisone I am going downhill, but I do not want to ruin my diet! I am going struggle until the 23rd to get one month of dieting in, and I have upped my intake of Turmeric intake and cinnamon. And I have mad a peppermint  blend of essential oils for inflammation and hunger control. I am giving myself this time to try, but I needed to document what was happening for my own benefit! I have not seen my Neurologist since he was so upset when I said I wasn't going to take any more immune suppressing medications! Wish me luck and check back in, 3 more days to my 1 month weigh in! Thank you Dr. Phil for this program.... I love it!  
Well, What a rough week! My MS is totally exhausting me and the weather here in AZ has been 110+ in the afternoons for almost a month..for some reasons on of my problems with my MS is that if I get overheated I feel like I have razorblades slicing through my skin, and I am exhausted! Some days I don't want to get out of bed and can not exercise as much as I am suppose to on the 20/20 plan but I am sticking to the food part and making myself walk at least 1 mile a day! I have been wearing a Fitbit to track my exercise!

The 20/20 book does not have a calorie count but I have put it in my plan and I am burning more calories than what I am eating! So for those of you that have been worried about not counting calories or carbs this book is right on, and you will lose weight if you can get the exercise in! Keep up the good work and I will be checking in with my monthly totals on the 23rd of July!!! THANK YOU AGAIN for supporting me!! <3
A new day! I had not checked for a few days because I had a relapse with my MS, but I am feeling much better today! It usually take a week on steroids and sometimes antibiotics to feel better!

I have lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks I am happy considering that I usually gain weight when I am on steroids! I was exetermely hungry and used flavored sparkling water to add fullness to my stomach, a lot of gas but helped with the hunger!

Thank you eveyone that checks in I am glad you all are doing well! I know we all have our struggles to stay on our diets but we are the only ones responsible to take care of us! I use to find it hard to love myself, but now I realized tha my weight and health do not define me!! My grandkids want mw around and I am going to make myself healthier so one day I couls take the kids and thier parents with Grandma on a fun cruise, I would love to take them to Disney but one day there and I would be exhausted and in bed! LOL!

I will be checking in more frequently  again...sorry for leaving you hanging for a few days! Love and good luck lets make this week an awesome week as I come to the end of my first month, I do find myself going back to the original 20/20 foods...I really love them!
WEIGHT- 232                                 5-day         228  -4lbs          10 day  226 -2lbs    6 total

WAIST BELLY 50"                          47"    -3"                                  47"
 LOWER ABS 49"                            47"    -2"                                 47"    

HIPS             49"                             47"   -2"                                   47"

 ARMS        L 18"    R 19 1/2"           L-17 1/2"       R-19"              L- 17"   R-18"

THIGHS     L 27"    R 26"                 L- 26"           R-25"                L-25"    R25"

I am happy with all of my measurements!! I found myself going back to the original 5 day 20/20 foods for lunch and dinner...I really like them! I did not find anywhere in the book that says you can not eat those foods for the next 20 days!
Just checking in today I have not been feeling well over the last 3 days, and it seems that when I do not feel good , I am starving! I tried to stay with all foods on the 20/20 plan for snacks and meals because I could tell I was going to eat more! Prednisone does that!

So happy to have some new friends and followers! I  was only able to walk 1/2 mile each day instead of the mile! I am disappointed but I am back on tomorrow, hopefully with a better attitude! Happy 4th of July on the 5th I will be checking in with my numbers!! Holly
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