I dont understand why life is giving the Perpatrator so many chances. He is believed to  be above the law. He has had over a dozen toxic relationships through his master mind manipulation and abusive controlling behaviors. I dont understand how he escaped the Child Protective services division in West Virginia. I dont understand why they failed to notify me. I dont understand that She is not in my custody for she is a National Victim of Crime and he still has her. I dont understand why she is not with me. I just dont understand, Is it because I have still yet a retainer to pay? I dont understand, her safety is at risk. Not from just the Perpatrator but her own things she battles. She should be with me. Lord Ill take my blessings now. Lord all my children with me, like a family supposed to be.

I will no longer call him a perpatrator if he gets proffessional help and commits to changing to a better human. Right now he is a perpatrator. He is continuosly mentally abusing my daughter STILL. He gets help than I will stop the remarks and FORGIVE HIM and all of us can co parent in harmony. He is refusing to believe he is not right. He blacks out. Anger issues. Compulsiveness issues. A Bully. Offers materialistic possessions to shut up. Offers money to keep quiet. Convinces her to lie to me when he steels the phone I pay for her to use for safety. He will manipulate her to lie, "no mom he dont have my phone". Last week he hid her favorite clothes and is predjudice when she wears Jordans. He thinks its ghetto.

In September he pushed her by the neck and throat area, admitted to the therapist he may have she was so manipulated by her father she didnt report the incedent. He is abusing her in so many ways. Even a day after court was dismissed on December 7th he grabbed her by the arm and left a bruise. He is a perpatrator. Not only is he abusing her he has done it to me. He is continuously doing it.

She is confused. She has met so many women. My daughter started he period at age 9. Her father manipulated her on 3 different women to say "this is my first period ,I dont know what to do"? Like this is a sick person and Im just not understanding why the cards are falling wrong. He needs to be locked up or some serious proffessional help. He isnt going to change on his own. He needs made to change by a Judge because his behavior is a Nuissance to society. When he hands her over and gets all these issues addressed. Maybe some medicine, then I will no longer address him as the perpatrator. But for now, he disgusts me.