Excuse me Society, Usually I am a really positive person. I try my best to Change my thought process when Im angy by picking out positive solutions.......When I watch Dr. Phil, you would think I was an idiot over some of the people that I feel bad for....I will absolutely go out of my way, even if its my worst enemy , I will try to ease a situation.

   HOWEVER, this episode, the daughter encountered Sexual Abuse from the Mothers husband. I have heard that woman alter her voice, I have watched her cry and absolutely no tears. I heard her say " I dont have to be here" "It is you who is running my name in the ground"

I am really really angry. I am angry because this woman doesnt deserve Dr. Phils help. Its not my daughter and I cried for the girl who encountered the abuse. This woman is a liar and I know by looking at her, she knew that her husband was doing that. She slipped it under the rug so she could keep her man. News flash, your daughter should be first. This woman tried to get the Audience to feel sorry for her. She kept saying I dont have to have you in my life.

This woman needs to be in PRISON........

I am literally nautious by this woman.

My daughter is being abused but not sexually, It is making my life a chaotic ball of emotions. The only emotions this woman had was the selfish thought of what people are saying. Her reputation.

Dr Phil, you cant help those who dont take the initiative to tell the truth and heal. Drop it like its hot. But the daughter, Thank you for helping her. She stays blessed..