Dawno's Quote......     " When you find your Karma, fix it, and learn something today "

      I'm watching Dr. Phils episode of the Woman who faked pregnancys and has lots of restraining orders. Man that is the femal version of my daughters father.....Now I have to admit, Im definately by far NOT a perfect outstanding person, I know when I do something wrong, I immediately get advice on how to fix things. I immediately recognize my faults and actions and I carry that burden with me probably longer than the average person.

   The purpose of this Blog:

   Please recognize your practicing risky behaviors, you know that it is wrong. Why not stop for a minute and take the time to evaluate how your effecting the lives in your home, your co workers. If you have Children stop and pretend your looking into their little eyes and how horrible it would be if they was snatched away from you.

   Anyways I often say "Know your Karma" or "Find your Karma"

  Everyone has a belief, God, Lord, Jesus, Mary, Allah, Buddah , what ever you may think is the higher power, it is a sence of comfort and why judge people for who the choose to pray or worship as long as it doesnt involve harming natures....

  In addition to my beliefs there is a thing called Karma to me. My Karma was my daughters father.

  You see, I attended Middle school in the small Town of Ashville, Ohio. Sadly , when I was either 13 or 14, my Sister, cousins and I was on our way to Deer Creek and at an intersection called "5 points pike" we got hit by a truck. I dont remember how fast the truck was going, the only thing I remember is the Vision of my Sister Crouched stuck in the seatbelt, lifeless.....

  That happend in the summer. Then I went to the 7th grade, I became disinterested. Started experience substance addiction with Alcohol and marijuana. Skipping school, I would literally find the Bullies and Bully them just so I could get suspended. I snuck out and vandalized property with kitchen condiment concauctions. But because I lived this way, because I thought that this was the fun way to live, I now know that Todd was my Karma.

  All my guy buddies who had issues with their girlfriends would come to me, If that girl was a snob, or mean to people, I would sock the shTT out of them in their nose. I was mean and nasty to the people who was mean and nasty. Not to mention the status it gave me . Everyone thought I was a hero kind of. My nick name was SassParilla. My sisters nick name was Sas Parilla when she was in school too. They called her Sassy tho. Anyways out of high school later on, After some relationships gone wrong I met a guy from my job at Essilor.

   That man physically and Mentally abused me. He verbally abused me, he did all of the above to be honest. No details, I just know that he was my Karma. Though I thought I was doing good deeds, wasnt. I will never physically or mentally harm people, I know that.

 I brought this up because for one second Febuary 17th lady on the Dr. Phill show seems like she was damaged as a child. Like she was in an abusive household. She learned these behaviors and characteristics from someone or, even maybe in appropriate teenage relationships. I feel like there is an underlined issue behind this madness. I think that maybe the guy she was pregnant by actually did abuse her. Mentally. Unfortunately since she had a bad rep and the other 2 girls conspired against her , that is how the guy is getting off with telling society that is isnt him. That is her Karma though......She has a once in a life time opportunity and just gets up and walks off stage. That tells me she has no will to care to change the quality of her life. Like lady, get a clue, your caught so why not poor out the truth, it shall set you free. If you can not recognize your faults then you will not change. You will adapt. You may even get in more trouble by the law. I just want to talk to her myself lol.

Know your Karma and Change it People....

If you took the time to read this blog, thanks for that.