In 2006 I took a stand. After almost a 6 yr back and forth battle with my abuser, I re gained my independance and went to my home County of Pickaway, Ohio where a Womens shelter was my only option. The Womens Shelter was a sad but warm loving place. My 2 Children and I would help feed some of the residence children because some of the mothers would sell their food stamps instead of feed their kids. Some of my childrens belongings was taken. Sometimes our food would come up missing. It was deffinately a struggle but we made the best of it. I dont regret it one bit. The Shelter (Havens House Circleville Ohio) was a safe place and all though some mothers did their job poorly, the staff was amazing. The support was amazing,they helped with money for a Lawyer. Please, if you are being mistreated Emotionally, Psychologically, Mentally of Physically, reach out and tell someone. Please, your life could depend on it. Once you notice those red flags, please leave. Stay gone. dont turn back. Please get help.

    Anyways, I became very independant. It was still a struggle. I immediately got a job, Found true love and my 2 children and I was a happy functioning family. Sadly after a 2 year custody battle, my abuser got custody of his daughter. My daughter.

     Here we are 9 years later and now my daughter is being abused Emotionally, Psychologically, Mentally, and it turned Physical in September and again in December.

     My goals are to get my daughter home. My daughter is a Victim and she doesnt deserve to live in an Un happy, Un healthy, Un loving, Un effectionate environment. I need help bringing her home. Her father has victimized more women than I can count in 9 yrs. Now he is doing it to our 13 yr old daughter. She lives in another State, I need her here at home with her family in Ohio. Here she has 3 siblings and they need to be growing up together.

     You will see me in the future. I want to help our children have rights in Ohio at 13. I want to bring my daughter home search #getmadisonhome. I want to raise money for these childrens mothers whom struggle and need help leaving the abuser. You will see me fight for the Children to participate in "thebakersact" . I am alive today for a reason. I must raise Awareness.

     If you took the time to read this, Thanks for that