Carved from the Heart
My Uncle lost his only son to an overdose of drugs while he was traveling on the Alaska Marine Highway in the 1990's.
Heart broken by his loss, the turned to the only thing that he's had a passion for most of his life, carving. The design was made and took about a year to complete. There's a program called "Heartbeat Alaska" that has a DVD for sale.
Well, he passed away on Saturday, it's been heart breaking because his illness was misdiagnosed for many months and by the time they found the lung cancer, it was already in stage 3/4 and advancing aggressively. He lived in Craig most of his live but came home often; so my son knows him (my son is 9 now) and he's taking it quite hard. I don't know how to handle that. He was tearful as I was taking him to school this morning so I think I"m going to pull him out of school starting tomorrow and the remaining of the week.
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