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I don't know if the sound came through because it didn't come through on playback but I"ll submit anyway just in case --------------------------I JUST NEED TO VENT
I saw a story on the NEWS about YouTube and Self Harm; Self Injury - surprised me.
I still have the many scars on myself from when I went through that in my 20's.  It was a difficult time in my life when I first startede dealing with the sexual abuse issues.  I remember dealing with suicidal tendencies when I was in my early early teens.  I remember buying a bottle of OTC's with the intent of taking them all,then got scared after taking...some.  It's been an issue that I've dealt with all my life. In the moments of my most intense grief or bitterness over the effects the abuse had on me, physically phychologically - every aspect of my life.  it was always in the early stages of rememberin the actual events for me that was the most painful.
Okay - can't type from my netbook - will change computers and finish
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