I dunno. I MUST be getting old!! LOL

This morning on the news was the story about AMAZON pulling that certain book off their shelf because of it's content.  I don't know why I get so upset about peoples whining about things they don't approve of or agree with.  I keep going back to the absolute right to express your opinion, to your senator, congress or the president of the United states...doesn't say they have to agree with me, just that i have the right to express it.
Same with the internet.  No one is forced to visit any site (unless they're spammed, LOL) ,  you know what I mean, you go where you want to go.  we seem as a society that we're constantly trying to play the victim of someone elses choice.  Like we all are "herded" to the computer and automatically directed to certain web sites or that the check stand teller slams a gossip magazine in our bag everytime we go to the store.  WE CHOICE. My life is a choice!  I choose to live or to die as I may..  I read what I want to read, I visit the sites I want to visit and block the things I don't want to see.  I choose to listen to music I like, watch the shows I like or that will pass time :-)
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