Gone but never forgotten
So i got out of the hospital last week because I OD'd on prescription sedatives - fun huh?!  Yeah, my life has been a wreck this past month(s)  

The Pain meds I was on stopped working and because of the risk I checked myself into detox in a safe enviroment.
So Stay Clean & Sober.
I was having a hard time getting over the pnumonia from a couple weeks ago.  I thought I was "over it" but just the past 3 days the respiratory kicked up again, the asthma got worse which ended me in the ER, a shot and deb treatment.  

SO even with the meds that I was prescribed, I went through a 37 hours without sleep! :-0  Frustrlaating! What do  you do?? When I would try to sleep on my left side, my heart would hurt, if I tried to lay on the right side, I would start coughing unendingly and when laying straight up I would get dizzy and experience both.  So I just kept busy, went out for a ride at 3 AM, broke down and the police were happy to assist me in putting the wirte thinigie on the batter (wire rusted out) and the car started!! Yay!!!
I love the contrast of weather. The past 2 years, the "lower 48" has seen what to them is "extreme" weather or what we all 'Autum' =D
We have seen more than our share of these beautiful, blue sky days than I can remember growing up here! And yes, I'm loving it =D
This is "Puppy" and Missy. The lil kitten was found actually at our place of employment almost 10 years ago, the litter was unfortunately in a section of the Upstairs unused vent and the Momma was deceased :'( so we took the only remaining live one and took her home. We found a neighbor cat who also just had a litter and she was willing to take Missy and put her with the litter to nurse the abandoned kitten. Missy came back to our home a few weeks later and turned out to be a great addition to our home!
Just watching the 20/20 "get off back about my body" clip -*- and I'm simply  POSITITVE that NONE if any of these foods are available at many ALaskan Markets - NOT including Anchorage, Fairbanks and/or Juneau, Bethal. 

How do Alaskans handle weight control, healty diet, and excercise; with what we have availble at the markets.  Portion control, less saturated flat, high fiber, protein - new generations eat less traditional foods (fish, berries clams, crabs gumboots,

Now what?
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