So, I've been trying to update my profile pic with no luck.  It allows me to delate my old one, but when I try to upload a new one, nothing happens.  Oh well, at least you can't see my ugly face.

So today ended with a bang.  My Mom ended up in the ER just before dinner, blood suger, blood pressure out of control, Dad's hard of hearing and my younger sister couldn't be there so I went up.  By the time I got there, they had given her "meds'" to lower her sugar and her pressure.  One blessing about this small little hole in the world is that everyone knows everyone.  The attending nurse knew me from my many visits so I was able to ask him about what exact meds they gave her (after getting Ma's perission) he filled me in on what they did.  She had color and was talkative like her old self so I knew she was feeling better.  THEN i found out that she confessed that she hadn't taken her meds since November!!! Argh!!!! I know Dad gives her shots before meals. I dunno though, we just found out her older sister has cancer (news came late last week) so I don't know if she's giving up or not.  She's always talked about "wanting to die like in the old days - at home with family" ; no medicine or whatnot.  WTD

I also got another call from Behavioral Health and they want to see me for an  hour on tuesday - fun fun.  Maybe I shouldn't tell them I'm stock piling meds and cleaned my pistol, huh.  Eh.