The fact of the matter is, this country was founded on a government that "governs the people", not a government that runs the people.  Until The People stop blaming everything on the government, race, religion, sex, poverty, the rich, political parties and on and on and on and start taking some personal responsibility for their inaction, these tragedies will continue to happen.  In a country where political correctness and fear have people hiding in their homes, avoiding eye contact, not getting involved, and simply not caring or feeling helpless, the tone we see now will continue and get worse.  Go outside into your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.  Look people in the eye and say hello.  Ask someone how their day is.  Don't expect the other guy to fix the nation's problems.  One person can start making a difference.  SOMEONE KNEW THIS GUY WAS ACTING DIFFERENTLY AND DID NOTHING.  And all the other "mass shooters", "serial killers."  Stop thinking someone else will do something and be THAT PERSON.  Because if you don't, you can bet the next person is probably thinking the same thing. That's the society we have created.  Be the person that prevents the next tragedy by getting involved, taking action, making a phone call, or just asking.  Just ask!!!

I was in a situation last year where I met a young woman in a restaurant bathroom.  She was crying.  I asked her what was wrong, she said she was scared of the man she was there with, had come to spend the weekend with him from out of town, on-line relationship I suspected, but she couldn't explain.  I took her phone and put my number in and said to call if she needed anything.  The next night I got a text from her saying the man wouldn't let her leave the room and she was scared.  The texts were sporadic and it occurred to me it was probably a scam, but nevertheless I got her to give me enough information to dispatch police.  It was a risk, of making a fool and embarrassing myself to the police if it was a prank.  But I didn't care.  The police called me when they got to the hotel lobby for more information and I got another text from the lady saying the man was now threatening to rape her.  The police immediately hung up and went to the room.  I didn't hear anything for a while, but an hour or so later I got a call from the police saying they had entered the room and the young lady was safe.  Sometime later I got a text from the young lady thanking me for saving her.  She was from Africa and had relocated to Texas months earlier and had met this man on line, come to California to meet him and it went bad quickly.  She continued to thank me for not turning my back on her and for putting my number in her phone.  She called me her hero.  She told me she was leaving for Texas the next day and was safe.  The next day she texted me from the airport to thank me again and say goodbye.

I was hesitant but never so happy I followed my instincts.  My family was afraid if it was a scam my phone could be traced, or these people could find me if I called the cops, but it was just something I felt I had to do, something I hope someone would do for my daughters.  

I don't know if I truly saved this young woman, if the man would have actually hurt or raped her.  I certainly don't feel like a hero for sitting in the safety of my living room and calling the police.  But if we truly want peace for our country, more people need to pick up the phone, step up and say something, talk to a crying girl in the bathroom
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