I have felt a massive amount of pain for my home. Texas has been suffering from Hurricane Harvey and it feels like I can't do anything to help them. I want to go back home but there is no possible way. I need an opinion from someone. I wanted to make a dedication video and post it on YouTube to raise money for my home. I wanted to do something special though. It needs to be perfect but I don't know where to start.
I have been struggling with a battle that always been the hardest thing for me to overcome: the Battle of Mind Over Matter... or Emotions is more like it. I wanted to be able to fight for what I need and be happy with having the things that I need. My mind says one thing while everything around me says something else. I just don't understand what is going on. Do I not have enough motivation? Stamina? Self-esteem? Encouragement? Many it's because I have something in my past that needs to come out?

"Regardless of what it is, something needs to happen. I need to be healthy and be happy about it. Every life is hard, but we all have to live. This world is rough, so we have to get tough to live in it."

-Leánan Sídhe

...so maybe it's just me.
Win the struggle of saving myself from the danger that is surrounding me in my life.
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