There are probably a lot of people who have never heard of this condition. I just recently heard about it myself. Therein lies the issue. I have suffered from this condition for well over 30 years. It is mind-boggling the way it has affected my life and all the while I thought it was my fault, that I somehow wanted to be like this. Misophonia is a condition that causes a person to become so sensitive to certain noises that it causes a sort of instant rage within that person. A "fight or flight" response as some describe it. Noises such as smacking food, popping gum, spitting, high pitched sounds and dripping faucets are just a few of the trigger sounds. Everyone varies a little on what exactly triggers them as I have been reading in other blogs. For some, even movement becomes an irritant. Things like someone sitting and just shaking their foot. I grew up suffering from this, with no idea that it was an actual condition. My family just told me I was a grouch and that I just "shouldn't let it bother me. Ignore it." If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, since they did not understand the condition, they were completely insensitive to it. In fact, they often thought it was funny to get me irritated by tormenting me with the trigger sounds. My dad was usually the worst offender in this regard and I guess my siblings thought it was okay since my dad was doing it. Usually I got in trouble for getting angry about the torment. I think that is where I started to learn to repress anger which eventually led to diagnoses of depression and bi-polar disorder. I learned to start hiding my thoughts, feelings and especially the things that made me angry for fear that these things would be used against me. I started developing behaviors such as sitting by myself, turning on music, television or fans to try and drown out less desirable noises. I could not stand being around most of my family members during a meal. Complete and utter torment. I felt like no one understood me and what was worse, I didn't understand it myself. I have had jobs in call centers which were of absolute torment to me at times because there would usually be someone in a cubicle nearby that decided to share all the glorious sounds their mouth could make with a piece of fruit, gum, candy or whatever other instrument of culinary torture they could inflict upon my ears. It is amazing how withdrawn you become, resentful and even hateful. You don't want to feel that way, but it is difficult to stop. I learned to "zone out" which usually meant getting lost in daydreams because that was much more pleasant than the world going on around me. Unfortunately, I have little control over that ability and now I could probably be classified as someone with AADD. Maybe more can be learned about this condition along with better coping methods and hopefully even treatment at some point because as of now, I know of no treatment available for this.