Is tthere any way the government can catch the people that call and say they ae the IRS and threaten jail? With all the technology floating around, you'd figure that they would have apprehended these jokers by now. I am so sick of the crap. We pay our government to take care of and protect us from scammers and crime. I guess war is more profitable than taking of those that get scared by being threatened over the phone.
What ever happened to John from the Doctor Phil house. Saw a story on My 600 pound life and the dad from the show was the dad for the person on My 600 Pound life. The gentalman looks identical to the other. He failed to lose weight whit the help of Dr. Phil and now he has failed to lose weight with Do Now from My 600 pound life. If I had the opportunities that some of these guest have had, I would be thin and healthy. Just sayin'.
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