Dr. Phil: "My dad used to say, 'Opinions are like butts. Everybody's got one.'"
"Super Stoked!"

Dr. Phil: "My dad used to say, 'Opinions are like butts. Everybody's got one.'"
Since finding out I will be a mom in the very near future, my new goal in life is to protect, love and accept my children for all that they are. Individuality plays a very large part for Joe and I, and condoning it would be an honor for our child. I hope to be the best mother possible, with little money and a lot of love, we feel very determined!
Here are a few of the photos I found out how to upload of our baby girl due in November.
Lily Ray Sack <3

First photo: At 16 weeks, the first ultrasound Joey and I went together for. She was looking right at us, and waving :]

Second Photo: Her little feet and toes, at 18 weeks!

Third Photo: A sweet little picture of her profile view, with her hand up in the air again :]
I am so excited about becoming a mother!
And Joe can hardly even wait until he can finally hold her!

She has had a very detailed ultrasound performed to determine and illnesses/birth defects, and so far so good, she has been having a great heart beat the entire time, and is growing great! She almost weighs a whopping 9 ounces! How beautiful. <3
I know it has been a while since we last wrote in, things have been pretty hectic lately!!
We found out in March that Joe and I are having a baby!! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, and we just found out we are having a baby girl! 
Things will be a lot different from now on, and we have already taken a lot of precautions and steps to the roll of parenthood. We may not come from familes that have a lot of money or familes that are very tight knit.. but we are very loving people Joe and I, and we believe we can do an amazing and loving job supporting and taking care of a baby, as well as their beliefs and achievements growing up.
Of course when I found out it was a girl, I was quite nervous for the teen years, seeing as I went through some rough patches and so did Joe, but going through the things I have been through should help me support her and her emotions as she grows.
And of course, yes, I will admit, this was something we thought would happen later in life, but this seems now like it is the most marvelous and magical thing that anyone can ever experience. I can see the excitment in Joe's eyes every single time he sees my belly, or feels her kick. I swear he cried at the first ultrasound, and it was just amazing.

I will have ultrasound photos up when I can figure out how to add them onto here, haha. :]
Until next time, take care!

Dr. Phil: "Let me tell you something; this ain't my first rodeo."
If you could see the entire album.. we made a "still picture movie" series of lots of pictures..
They go from us kissing. to me sneaking behind him and biting his head.. and then him punching me in the face..
Then we went through all of them and made it look like I was an "underpants gnome"

oh.. this was fun!
Today my boyfriend Joe and I celebrated Valentines Day because our gifts were far too suspenseful!
He got me my septum pierced.. and I got him a new fishing pole and a new Grateful Dead T-Shirt..

The card I got was so cute, it had a dog with fake "hillbilly" teeth on the front.. and inside it said
"Hope your Valentines Day is BUTT-SNIFFIN GOOD!"

It was so cute.

We are moving soon, so we got packing more and more... and we are almost finally done.. thank gosh! It seems like we have waited for this forever.. This will be my 2nd time moving there.. in high hopes of staying of course, lol.
Either way, wish us luck on our voyage.. this one will last forever.
My goal.. since I have ever been able to remember.. Is to stop animal cruelty. I own and love my dogs, more than anything in this world. It takes a very small person to harm such an innocent animal.. I will dedicate my life to save them. Whatever it takes..
"Super Stoked!"
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